Michigan’s No-Fault Law and Health Insurance Liens


Michigan’s new No-Fault PIP law creates a choice for all Michigan drivers. Any auto insurance policy effective after July 1, 2020 (new or renewed) allows drivers a choice of six coverage levels – each with a different lien resolution impact: $0 / Allowable Expenses Exclusion – This opt-out of PIP requires all household members to…

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MASSIVE at the AAJ Winter Convention 2020


New Orleans, LA MASSIVE is a longtime supporter of the AAJ and we are excited to connect with friends and clients in New Orleans this weekend!  If you haven’t yet registered for their Winter Convention and are looking for some information, here’s the link. At MASSIVE, we’re ready to save you time and money with…

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Medicare Liens: The DOJ is watching

Medicare Liens are the responsibility of the plaintiff attorney and today, the DOJ is now proving that true as they are watching carefully.  The US Department of Justice announced various settlements with PI firms (all within the last 18 months) including:   $6,600 with Simon & Simon in Philadelphia $28,000 with Rosenbaum & Associates in…

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MASSIVE Gets Smart With New Integration

MASSIVE GETS SMART MASSIVE is excited to announce that we have joined forces with SmartAdvocate as part of our continued efforts to provide our clients with the nation’s highest quality lien resolution services, now elevated by the power of award winning case management software! The integration (already available in the July 2019 Release of SmartAdvocate)…

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Medicaid Liens Reduced by $550,000

Medicaid Lien Reduced by $550,000

Medicaid wanted to take 100% of a quadriplegic plaintiff’s settlement. Attorney George Fishback tasked MASSIVE with reducing Medicaid’s two liens. We stepped in and reduced over $550,000.00 of those Medicaid and Managed Medicaid liens, allowing the injured plaintiff to keep 88% of his settlement after attorney’s fees!   At MASSIVE, our expert attorneys know how…

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MASSIVE’s Lien Resolution Programs = More Money for Your Clients!

MASSIVE successfully reduced a $70,000 lien down to just $100. Our expert attorneys leveraged one of our global lien resolution programs with a large subrogation firm to protect the plaintiff’s settlement. When it comes to large scale lien resolution on Mass Tort projects, everyone wants a piece of the pie, often leaving the plaintiffs with…

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Trostle v. Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services: Part II

Trostle v. Medicare: Part II Previously, we wrote about and analyzed Trostle v. Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. Following dismissal for lack of jurisdiction, this Medicare lien litigation continued with a counter-suit by the United States government. Part II of our case study will explore errors made that caused the government to react with…

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Sifting Through Plan Language Led to Success

Massive: Medical & Subrogation Specialists stands above the rest. Recently, our client found themselves facing a $138,000 ERISA lien for a plaintiff involved in an automobile accident. The lien would surely cripple their settlement so the firm hired Massive for expert guidance.  We were able to determine the insurance plan wrongly asserted it was ERISA.…

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What is a Medicare Set-Aside?

Medicare set-aside

If you have a personal injury lawsuit or workers compensation settlement, you may have to consider creating a Medicare set-aside. Medicare set-asides are very complicated. Even a lot of lawyers don’t understand exactly what they are and how they work. Thankfully, you don’t need to know everything about them. You just need to know enough…

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Massive Supports the M&L Summer Legal Forum

Massive  will be attending the M&L Summer Legal Forum Marketing conference July 18-22, 2018 in Jackson Hole, Wyoming! As long time supporters of M&L, we are excited to share our lien resolution expertise and contribute to this collaborative group dedicated to success. Massive is the country’s most accurate and reliable lien resolution company, quickly resolving healthcare liens with Medicare, Medicaid, Private…

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