$133k Private Lien Completely Waived

A Georgia man received significant injuries from a motor vehicle accident. His settlement did not fully compensate him for past and future pain and suffering.   MASSIVE’s experts have a...
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Do You Report to a Potential Lienholder?

When an attorney begins her case, the law firm has (hopefully) already asked the plaintiff about his health insurance. The attorney then asks herself; I need to tell this health...
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What Does an MSA Cover?

Do you have cases that need a Medicare Set-Aside (MSA)? Or maybe a Medical Cost Projection is a better fit? Let’s review what IS and IS NOT in a Medicare...
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Mastering Self-Funded ERISA Plans

ERISA Plans can be intimidating, but they don’t have to be. Educating yourself on how they operate is an essential step to achieving the best results for your case.   ...
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MASSIVE Reduces Medicare Liens for Mass Tort Claimants by 94%

MASSIVE's experts have been hard at work to help the claimants for one of our mass tort customers. The claimants are part of the Just for Men class action and...
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MASSIVE Partners, Ryan Weiner, Esq. and Marcy Spitz, Esq., Presenting at MAJ

The Michigan Association for Justice (MAJ) is hosting their first Annual 2023 Summer Convention, June 7-9 in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Ryan Weiner, Esq. and Marcy Spitz, Esq., Partners at MASSIVE,...
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Reducing Challenges in Mass Tort Cases

Mass tort lien resolution can be an extensive process; however, you or the lien resolution administrator can take some significant steps to reduce the challenge. To start, you want to...
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Your Mass Tort Case Settled. What’s Next?

Mass Tort cases are complex. In fact, the post-settlement process for certain Mass Torts can take two or three years even without an appeal. What must happen in that time...
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Spending Too Much Time on Liens?

Lien rights for Medicare, Medicaid, and other forms of health insurance have been vastly expanded. These expanded rights mean healthcare liens have become an increasingly large portion of a personal...
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MASSIVE Reduces Nursing Home Medicaid Lien by over $65,000

Nursing home negligence liens are difficult to resolve. Recently, one of our firms represented a Missouri man who suffered from pressure sores and sepsis due to nursing home negligence. His...
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Diversity in Mass Tort Leadership

By MASSIVE Partner, Marcy Spitz, Esq.   The Women's Summit at Trial Lawyers of Mass Torts (TLMT) will cover many topics including diversity, equity and inclusion issues that are being...
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Marcy Spitz, Esq., Partner at MASSIVE, Featured on ICLE Video: Handle Medicare and Medicaid Liens

With the option for limited personal protection insurance (PIP) benefits now available to Michigan residents, resolving Medicaid and Medicare liens is more important than ever. View the “Handle Medicare and...
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