Relations with Subrogation Firms

Understanding the Intricacies of Lien Holder Subrogation

Throughout the growth of MASSIVE, one of our top priorities has been to establish high-functioning business processes with the subrogation firms with whom we work. Investigating our counterparts to find out how each operates has allowed us to gain better knowledge for a greater overall efficiency. We take pride in mutually respectful relationships with each and every lien holder and insurance company.

The MASSIVE Team has developed comprehensive workflows that take into account the time frames of large subrogation firms to ensure that our Single Event and Mass Tort Lien Resolution moves as quickly as possible, and allows your firm to disburse settlements faster. Being an independent lien resolution provider has allowed our Team to forge trusted relationships with subrogation firms across the United States, including Rawlings, Equian, Conduent, Optum and Discovery Health Partners among others. Our wide range of established relationships with subrogation firms ensures that the MASSIVE Team can successfully resolve any potential liens for your clients.

MASSIVE's Relationships with Subrogation Firms Can Benefit You

  • Give you the advantage of comprehensive workflows that MASSIVE has developed over the years. Our workflows speed up lien resolution with major subrogation firms including Rawlings, Optum, Conduent and Equian.
  • We have developed large-scale lien resolution processes with subrogation firms to accommodate the nature of Mass Tort projects.
  • We have researched and analyzed specific nuances of each subrogation firm we work with, and track their responses, timeframes, and specific requests. This analysis has allowed us to carefully adjust our proprietary workflows and continually improve our processes to maintain a high level of efficiency.
  • Our knowledge-based approach establishes a beneficial working relationship that allows us to advocate for your clients in the best possible way.

Let Our Relationships Benefit You

As the nation's only independent Lien Resolution and Medical Cost Projection provider, the MASSIVE Team can provide you and your clients tremendous benefits. Whether you need single event, mass tort or workers' compensation assistance, our wide reaching relationships will allow you to maximize client settlements. Contact us today and get your free case-specific consultation!