How To Videos



The videos on this page will help you work effectively and efficiently with MASSIVE. Our videos will cover the following topics:


Submit a Case – Submitting your first case with MASSIVE is easy with our Live Data Portal. After you log in with your username and password, all you have to do is upload your completed Intake Forms or input the information manually to begin the process.


Intakes and Authorizations – Learn how to correctly complete the Client Intake Form and Authorizations that will need to be submitted to our Live Data Portal. We ask for pertinent information concerning the plaintiff, their insurance, and the case in addition to applicable authorizations in order for MASSIVE to correctly do our job.


Case Updates – MASSIVE offers 24/7 updates on all of your cases using our Live Data Portal. After logging in, the option to get an update on all of your cases is a simple process. These updates provide a lot of information including the most recent lien amount, the date we received it, and an up-to-date status.


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