MASSIVE’s Lien Resolution Programs = More Money for Your Clients!

MASSIVE successfully reduced a $70,000 lien down to just $100. Our expert attorneys leveraged one of our global lien resolution programs with a large subrogation firm to protect the plaintiff’s settlement.

When it comes to large scale lien resolution on Mass Tort projects, everyone wants a piece of the pie, often leaving the plaintiffs with nothing. Fortunately, MASSIVE has spent years establishing trusted relationships with subrogation firms nationwide, in order to best serve your clients. We audit each of our Mass Tort projects to determine the best course of action, generating large scale Lien Resolution programs that cater to each unique settlement. Most important, we have set programs that allow for fair distribution, with the plaintiffs benefiting the most.

MASSIVE: Medical and Subrogation Specialists provides expert Lien Resolution services to guarantee our clients the best results for their cases, while providing transparency and peace of mind during the process. Our state-of-the-art technology ensures easy access to cases and allows you to stay up to date on their progression. Learn how we will benefit your Mass Tort projects today.