Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Welcome to Our Commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion 

At MASSIVE, we believe that diversity, equity, and inclusion are fundamental to achieving our mission and fostering an environment where everyone feels valued and empowered.


Our Commitment

  • Diversity: We celebrate the diversity of our workforce, customers, and communities. We recognize that diverse perspectives drive innovation and enhance decision-making. 
  • Equity: We are committed to creating a fair and equitable workplace where every individual can thrive and succeed based on their skills, experiences, and contributions. 
  • Inclusion: We cultivate an inclusive culture where all voices are heard, respected, and valued. We actively promote a sense of belonging and ensure that everyone can contribute to their fullest potential. 


Our Initiatives 

  • Employee Resource Groups (ERGs): Our ERGs provide a supportive network for employees with shared identities and interests, fostering personal and professional development. 
  • Training and Development: We offer training programs on unconscious bias, cultural competence, and increasing emotional intelligence to promote understanding and awareness across our organization. 
  • Recruitment and Hiring: We are dedicated to recruiting diverse talent and ensuring a fair and inclusive hiring process that removes barriers and promotes equal opportunities. 


Resources and Support 

  • Reporting and Support: We have established channels for reporting discrimination, harassment, and bias. We are committed to investigating all reports promptly and taking appropriate action. 
  • Employee Assistance Programs (EAP): We provide resources and support to help employees with personal and professional challenges and ensure their well-being. This is currently offered through our Human Resources department. 


Accountability and Transparency 

  • Metrics and Goals: We set measurable goals to track our diversity, equity, and inclusion progress. We regularly assess our efforts and adjust as needed to achieve meaningful outcomes. 
  • Leadership Commitment: Our leadership team is actively involved in promoting DE&I initiatives and fostering a culture where diversity, equity, and inclusion are priorities at all levels of the organization.


Join Us

We invite you to join us in our journey toward a more inclusive and equitable workplace. Together, we can create a positive impact and drive meaningful change.


Contact MASSIVE’s HR Department

Have questions or feedback about our DE&I initiatives? We’d love to hear from you. Contact Elizabeth Simpson, HR Generalist at (313) 486-1103 or [email protected].