Medicare Liens: The DOJ is watching

Medicare Liens are the responsibility of the plaintiff attorney and today, the DOJ is now proving that true as they are watching carefully.  The US Department of Justice announced various settlements with PI firms (all within the last 18 months) including:


$6,600 with Simon & Simon in Philadelphia

the doj is watching medicare liens


$28,000 with Rosenbaum & Associates in Philadelphia

$91,000 with Saiontz & Kirk in Baltimore

$250,000 with Meyers, Rodbell & Rosenbaum near suburban Washington, D.C.


The DOJ diligence is gaining attention – not just from anti-subrogation firms like MASSIVE – but also legal media outlets.’s The Legal Intelligencer published an article today entitled, “A Shot Across the Bow” that perfectly sums up the situation.


This is your warning.  Resolve your Medicare liens with, or without help. But make sure to obtain Final Demands from the BCRC and pay Medicare. Otherwise, Medicare will hand it off to the DOJ and you’ll find yourself in court in unfamiliar territory, as the defendant.