Mass Tort Lien Resolution and Multi-District Litigation

Providing Fast & Efficient Lien Resolution Even in the Largest Cases

At MASSIVE we have created simple solutions to large-scale lien needs. Our professional lien resolution process is designed to be completed faster so that you and your clients can get paid sooner. Whether we utilize global resolution techniques or case-by-case reductions, our goal is to complete lien resolution in a manner most beneficial to you and your clients.

For Medicare, much of the Mass Tort lien resolution process is handled by the CMS office in Baltimore, Maryland. Our experienced lien resolution teams work with the CMS staff to create effective lien resolution programs and obtain quick CMS approval for global modeling. This will enable you and your clients to expedite the lien process to provide for fast and efficient distribution of settlement funds.

Similarly, our vast network allows us to work with various other subrogation companies to create mass tort lien resolution programs for non-Medicare liens. Our experience in striking agreements with subrogation firms such as Rawlings, Equian, Hill Hill Carter, and others allows for more efficient, large-scale lien resolution. Our programs and models can be created for both global and individual lien resolution situations.

We Provide the Following Mass Tort Lien Resolution Services:

  • Initiate contact with CMS officials for preparation of global medical modeling when appropriate for mass torts. We can determine whether global modeling lien resolution will be appropriate for the specific mass tort docket
  • Our nurses and legal staff will draft CMS-compliant models for global lien resolution
  • Create repayment agreements with CMS that efficiently complete the lien resolution process
  • Negotiate large-scale agreements with the various subrogation companies to more quickly complete the lien resolution process in a manner beneficial to your plaintiffs
  • Provide your firm with on-demand, full access to our Claims Tracking System and MASSIVE's Live Data Portal
  • Work with CMS and the defense counsel to appropriately navigate the Medicare Mandatory Reporting requirements