Meet the Team

MASSIVE was Founded On the Principles of Value and Respect

We believe that the true measure of our success is in the delivery of services to attorneys and their clients, and, to aid attorneys in a way that respects their needs in a valuable way.

Our Lien Resolution and Cost Projection professionals specialize in Medicare, Medicaid, Private Insurance, ERISA and Military providers. Our Principals have experience in the private sector counseling clients in the interpretation of statutory rules and regulations, similar to those relied on by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid. We are active within the lien community, often participating and sponsoring organizations, CLE presentations and pursuing professional designations within it.

MASSIVE Leadership

Todd Franklin

Ryan Weiner, Esq.

Marcy Spitz, Esq.

Randy Nordstrom

Tina Lumley
Directory Of Operations

Elizabeth Simpson
Human Resources Generalist

Amy Grishaber
Implementation Manager | Business Development
Cost Projection Manager

The MASSIVE Single Event Team

John Buford, Esq.
Single Event Lead Attorney

Ilayda Kartum
Senior Lien Resolution Manager

Lindsay Chapman
Lien Resolution Manager

Kara Lane
Lien Resolution Manager

Christina Sanalitro
Senior Lien Negotiator

Vicky Steinert
Lien Resolution Manager

Kim Chapman
Lien Resolution Manager

Keely Davidsson
Lien Resolution Manager

Christine Fuentes-Ross
Lien Resolution Manager

The MASSIVE Mass Tort Team

Robert Zabawski, Esq.
Mass Tort Lead Attorney

Ashton Heide
Lien Resolution Manager

Patricia Stalnaker
Lien Resolution Manager

Chelsea Wales
Lien Resolution Manager

Megan Stewart
Implementation and Project Liaison

Mike Cho
Lien Negotiation Specialist

Andre DePalma
Lien Negotiation Specialist

Kelsey Olsberg
Lien Negotiation Specialist