Sifting Through Plan Language Led to Success

Massive: Medical & Subrogation Specialists stands above the rest. Recently, our client found themselves facing a $138,000 ERISA lien for a plaintiff involved in an automobile accident. The lien would surely cripple their settlement so the firm hired Massive for expert guidance.  We were able to determine the insurance plan wrongly asserted it was ERISA. This meant it had no subrogation rights at all.

Massive shut down the attempted lien and had the lien holder close out their file with no lien at all in under two weeks.

We can alleviate major stress points for your firm at the most critical times by significantly reducing your time spent on liens. Focus on handling your other cases, knowing Massive is in your corner. Massive has been a trusted resource of law firms across the country for years, reducing and even eliminating insurance liens for your clients every day.

If you are interested in getting ahead of the paperwork, please contact us to get started today!