About Us

Our Team of experts has been immersed in the Lien Resolution industry for years now. Since 2009, Med Lien Solutions provided services for both large-scale and individual Lien Resolution, while Med Max USA provided Medical Cost Projections and Medicare Set-Asides. The Med Lien Solutions and Med Max USA merger created a space for our experts to deliver the all-encompassing, MASSIVE: Medical and Subrogation Specialists

MASSIVE is an independent provider of Lien Resolution and Medical Cost Projection services, including Medicare Set-Asides. We provide our clients with the highest quality services and keep them informed through our transparent technology. We understand the intricacies that go along with the Lien Resolution of Single Event cases and Mass Tort projects and have developed our systems to provide start to finish resolution in the shortest possible timeframe. Our Team of experts has also created the crucial platforms for Workers’ Compensation and Liability attorneys, to increase their clients’ settlements with our Medical Cost Projection reports.

Our highly trained team of professionals will aggressively advocate for your clients, thoroughly analyzing and diligently managing each claim, to give them the best results for their case. We have spent years perfecting our Lien Resolution and Medical Cost Projection Services.

Keeping our client’s best interest in the forefront of our work has always taken priority at MASSIVE. We continue our organization’s legal education to allow our Team to provide the highest quality services and provide our clients with a platform to take back control of their settlements. We take great pride in our work, ensuring that injured plaintiffs continue to receive the highest amount of their settlements, and allowing attorneys to spend more time focusing on their clients. Our expertise has allowed hundreds of firms to feel confident with MASSIVE handling their files, and freeing themselves to take on more cases at their firms.

Our proprietary software system, the MASSIVE Live Data Portal, offers attorneys both ease and simplicity. We know these are your files and ultimately you need both information and results, so we’ve designed our processes with you in mind. Our technology platform allows more efficient and more effective Lien Resolution while providing you with access any time of any day.

Our longstanding experience in the Lien Resolution field has allowed us to establish relationships with subrogation firms across the nation. These relationships have resulted in our implementation of universal lien resolution programs that create the best possible outcomes for your clients.

The MASSIVE Team is available to answer any questions you have regarding our Lien Resolution and Future Medical Allocation services, including Medicare Set-Asides. Contact us today and learn about all the benefits of outsourcing your Lien Resolution and Medical Cost Projection needs to us.