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MASSIVE’s video webinars cover several key topics including: 


MAJ Lunch and Learn: Liens After No-Fault Reform – In this Michigan Association for Justice (MAJ) Lunch and Learn event, discover how to properly investigate and resolve the many insurance liens possible so you can protect your clients and law firm. Featuring Ryan Weiner, COO of MASSIVE.


You Retained the Case, Now What? – See what Ryan Weiner and top experts have to say about case qualification, probate issues, and lien resolution strategies at the Mass Torts Made Perfect Virtual Vegas event.


ERISA Lien Essentials: The Dos and Don’ts of Managing Complex Plans – Resolving ERISA liens has become complex, expert work. In this webinar, Ryan Weiner and Marcy Spitz provide legal updates and guidance on how to resolve these ERISA liens, including tips and tricks for ways to improve the overall settlement process.


Ethics in Lien Resolution: A Practical Guide to your Decisions – MASSIVE’s COO Ryan Weiner and Director of Business Development Brooke Hodge discuss how to navigate the legal and ethical requirements that law firms face today when handling lien resolution for their clients.


Medicare: Formulating Disputes and Finalizing Liens – Navigating the complex process of Medicare disputes and liens can be tricky. In this webinar, Marcy Spitz and Brooke Hodge provide useful information to successfully negotiate and resolve liens through Medicare including when to begin the process and certain reporting concerns that should be taken into consideration.


Lien Resolution Basics Marcy Spitz and Brooke Hodge highlight the valuable information needed to improve the settlement process and reduce Medicare, Medicaid, Private Insurance, and ERSIA liens.



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