Success in Reducing Challenging Medicare Lien

The claimant in this case was a victim of sexual abuse decades ago, which resulted in psychological injuries that totaled $962,580.66 in liens.


Due to the recent change in the statute of limitations for sexual misconduct cases, the law firm pursued a recovery for their client with no time limitations for this trauma. However, because these incidents occurred decades ago, the lien was difficult to dispute.  


Our experts worked tirelessly with the law firm to obtain the proper history of the case. Christina Sanalitro, CP, Senior Lien Negotiator at MASSIVE, ultimately was able to establish which conditions were directly applicable to the misconduct and which conditions were brought about by experiences later in life.


After presenting the case to Medicare, Christina and the Single Event team at MASSIVE were successful in removing charges from the lien. The $962,580.66 Medicare lien was reduced to $17,339.88 – a 98% reduction!


“Due to length of time that has passed, these cases are very difficult to prove unless we can show the other life experiences have occurred to alter the conditions,” said Christina. “I was successful in establishing the history and current condition to get the accurate lien amount for the firm to use for the pending litigation. We are very pleased at the results of this case.”


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