Todd Franklin Presenting at Lake County Board of Commissioners’ Workers’ Comp Seminar

MASSIVE’s CEO, Todd Franklin, will be presenting at the Lake County Board of Commissioners’ 7th Annual Workers’ Compensation Seminar in Crown Point, Indiana on Friday, December 9 at 11:30 a.m. CST.   Key content to be examined includes:  Laws and Regulations Behind MSAs  Version 3.6 Update   LMSA Requirements: A Technical Review  What Does CMS’ Proposed…

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CMS Guidance on WCMSA’s Section 4.3

We like to remind the legal industry that Medicare Set-Asides (“MSAs”) don’t exist under the law. They’re a very good idea considering the consequences to a claimant or plaintiff of not having an MSA.   Remember that CMS’s recent update to the WCMSA User Guide has a new section 4.3 with CMS warning us of…

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The New Rules of MSAs

How Defense Uses Non-Submit MSAs

Medicare Set-Asides (“MSAs”) don’t exist under the law. CMS insists MSAs are a voluntary process. But – are they truly voluntary?   CMS’s recently updated WCMSA User Guide has a new section 4.3 that makes it seem like MSAs are essentially mandatory. The good news is that CMS has laid out all of the reasons…

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2022 WILG Longshore Conference

A lawyer and client discuss options for a Medicare lien resolution.

As a WILG Gold Level Affinity Partner, MASSIVE looks forward to connecting with our fellow members and participating in the WILG Longshore Conference in New Orleans March 25-26, 2022.   MASSIVE’s COO, Ryan Weiner, Esq. will be presenting the complex topic of “How Defense Uses Non-Submit MSAs” on March 26 at 11:15 a.m. (CST), something…

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What is a “Non-Submit” or “Evidence-Based” MSA?

Medicare Set-Asides are a specialized product where Medicare has set forth a special process. The general idea is that an MSA will pay for medical care related to sued-for injuries so that Medicare doesn’t pay. But what happens when the MSA industry decides it wants to cut Medicare from the approval process?    Medicare says…

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Medicare Set-Aside Basics

Medicare Set-Asides (or “MSAs”) are a construct created because the Medicare Secondary Payer Act makes it illegal for Medicare to pay for case-related treatment. Of course, this is limited to circumstances where a primary payer exists, such as a Workers’ Compensation carrier, a No-Fault carrier, or a liability defendant. But MSAs don’t exist under the law. They…

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MSAs and Reversionary Interests

Doctor with Stethoscope

Workers Compensation attorneys know the biggest trend in MSAs has little to do with the MSA itself. That trend, of course, is the reversionary interest that says unused funds will revert to the insurance carrier’s control if the claimant/plaintiff passes away. So what does Medicare think of reversionary interests?   Nothing.   Medicare has no…

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