Single Event Lien Resolution

Our lien resolution process effectively negotiates with healthcare insurers and simplifies case submission. We dedicate a single point of contact for all of your files, and provide you with on-demand access to our live data portal. There are no upfront costs for any of our lien resolution services.

Our Team accommodates the ever-changing Medicare guidelines and updates our processes to make sure that we achieve the best results for your clients.

We know that the variation in laws across all 50 states needs to be accounted for when handling Medicaid Lien Resolution in order to make sure your client gets the money that they are entitled to.

Our experienced attorneys know the best ways to successfully navigate a wide range of insurance providers to fight on behalf of your clients and ensure that they receive the highest possible amount of their settlement.

Military liens are complex and governed by a special set of rules that the experts at MASSIVE know and incorporate into their lien resolution processes.