Michigan’s No-Fault Law and Health Insurance Liens


Michigan’s new No-Fault PIP law creates a choice for all Michigan drivers. Any auto insurance policy effective after July 1, 2020 (new or renewed) allows drivers a choice of six coverage levels – each with a different lien resolution impact: $0 / Allowable Expenses Exclusion – This opt-out of PIP requires all household members to…

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Ahlborn is Back – Retroactively. What it Means.

Nearly every trial lawyer association has put out an alert by now: “Ahlborn is back!” “Permanent & Retroactive Ahlborn ‘Fix’” “Ahlborn… Resurrected?!” You get it. We get it. Everybody gets it. Ahlborn, it’s a thing again. But what does that mean for you? First – a quick history. The Ahlborn case involved the plaintiff arguing…

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Michigan Applies Ahlborn v. Arksansas

Another state has extended the Medicaid Lien limitations developed in Ahlborn v. Arkansas. This time, it’s our home state: Michigan, in a clear holding that seems to suggest Medicaid and Managed Medicaid Programs (like the respondent Meridian Health Plan) should work to settle their liens rather than force apportionment hearings. If you practice in Michigan…

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