MASSIVE is a nationwide provider of healthcare lien resolution services and cost projection services, including Medicare Set-Asides.

What We Do

  • Medicare Lien Resolution

  • Medicaid Lien Resolution

  • Private Insurance and ERISA Lien Resolution

  • Military, VA and TriCare Lien Resolution

  • Mass Tort Lien Resolution and Multi-District Litigation

  • Medical Cost Projections

  • Medicare Set-Asides (MSAs)


MASSIVE delivers more than lien resolution and reductions in a timely manner – we deliver results. Developed with attorneys who understand what’s involved with day-to-day workplace challenges, we communicate with our clients based upon the principles of competence, confidence and understanding.


Since 2009, we've worked with some incredible clients who love us and our services. Check out what they have to say about us:

“Our firm has greatly enjoyed working with MASSIVE for a host of reasons. First, we’ve found them to be very responsive to our lien issue situations. Their work has taken a good bit of stress off of our firm’s case managers. Even more importantly, they have helped us obtain some significant savings for our clients on what we’ve paid to resolve liens.”

Ken W. Harrell, Partner
Joye Law Firm

“Our law firm’s experience with MASSIVE has been nothing short of exceptional. The hire of MASSIVE has allowed us save time required of our attorneys and case managers, speed up the payout of settlements, and place more money in the pockets of our clients by removing unrelated charges and successfully arguing for reductions. This in turn has allowed us save money, work more efficiently, and get paid more quickly. We certainly appreciate what they do for us and our clients, and we recommend them highly and without question!”

John T. Briggs, Esq.
Kellum Law Firm

“MASSIVE’s biggest savings to our firm has been time – something that cannot be quantified and always seems to be in short supply. They do more than just save us time, they give us peace of mind.”

Hughes and Coleman Injury Lawyers

“I have been very pleased with your services in handling the liens, and I therefore will certainly utilize MASSIVE's services in the future and I will also recommend you to other people as well. Practitioners frequently contact me regarding many issues and it is nice to be able to recommend services which I know are helpful.”

Michael Gunderson, Esq.
The Trowbridge Law Firm

"MASSIVE is an extremely valuable resource for our firm. The service is phenomenal and it allows our employees to focus on the case, instead of spending excessive time on medical liens.”

Ronald M. Applebaum, Partner
Applebaum & Stone

We provide the fastest, most accurate, and reliable healthcare lien resolution services in the country.