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Check out what they have to say about our Lien Resolution and Medical Cost Projection services:

“MASSIVE has helped us on multiple cases with professionally prepared reports on MSA projections and non-Medicare covered estimates. They are quick to respond to our needs and have kept costs reasonable for the important service they gave us. I have no hesitation in giving them the highest recommendation.”

Steve Birnbaum, Partner

Birnbaum Law, P.C.

"Lien resolution has become increasingly complicated and time-consuming in recent years. The knowledgeable staff at MASSIVE are experts in sorting out lien issues and reaching settlements with lien holders in a cost effective way, which allows busy litigators to concentrate on working up their cases and preparing them for trial. MASSIVE is an integral member of the McKeen team.”

John LaParl, Attorney

McKeen & Associates, PC

"We have enjoyed our working relationship with MASSIVE for a number of years. The MASSIVE team have been very responsive and helpful in resolving our health insurer liens and minimizing the burden of the lien negotiation process in our mass tort cases.”

Brenda Fulmer, Attorney

Searcy, Denney, Scarola, Barnhart & Shipley

“I cannot say enough about how MASSIVE has helped our firm get cases resolved. Three of the biggest obstacles to resolving settlements are Medicare, Medicaid and Health Insurance Liens. Ryan and his team have taken my most complex cases, and my smaller cases, and pushed them to rapid conclusion. In a firm of this size, with this volume, I don’t know how an attorney could handle their caseloads without the help MASSIVE provides.”

Sheila P. Hiestand, Partner

McCoy, Hiestand & Smith, PLC

“Our law firm’s experience with MASSIVE has been nothing short of exceptional. The hire of MASSIVE has allowed us save time required of our attorneys and case managers, speed up the payout of settlements, and place more money in the pockets of our clients by removing unrelated charges and successfully arguing for reductions. This in turn has allowed us save money, work more efficiently, and get paid more quickly. We certainly appreciate what they do for us and our clients, and we recommend them highly and without question!”

John T. Briggs, Attorney

Kellum Law Firm

"The team at MASSIVE is great. They are responsive, efficient and a tremendous asset to our firm’s practice. They save us time and money by allowing us to focus on what we need to.”

David Krangle, Partner

Alonso Krangle LLP

“THANK YOU so much for your hard work on the Medicare interest issue. We and our clients greatly appreciate it. Thanks for all you do!”

Schlichter, Bogard & Denton

Schlichter, Bogard & Denton

"From a personal and professional standpoint, we cannot recommend MASSIVE enough. The entire team at MASSIVE is professional, prompt, and attentive to our needs. They let us to focus on the case at hand, while they find, manage, and negotiate health insurance liens on behalf of our clients. By allowing the experienced MASSIVE team to get in front of these liens on our cases, we are able to expedite the resolution process, which in turn, permits us to not only disburse settlement funds quicker, but at a higher amount."

Josh Freedman, Business Manager

The Michigan Law Firm

“Thank you very much for everything you did for this family in negotiating the liens with Medicare and Anthem that were claimed against the settlements. I am so relieved that we finally are able to close this case out.”

Sarah Dorger, Attorney

Briskman & Binion, P.C.

“Our experience with MASSIVE was very satisfactory.  Any question or inquiry that we had was answered with promptness and professionalism!  Our final payments for full accord and satisfaction have been sent to all providers and our client seems to be very content with the outcome. We appreciate your assistance and MASSIVE will be our first choice for our clients in the future!”

Kelsey Vinson, Paralegal

Pence and MacMillan LLC


“We are extremely pleased with the quality of work provided by MASSIVE. Staff members are always helpful and very responsive to our questions or concerns.   The whole process moves quickly and claims were resolved timely.  It was a refreshing difference from our previous experiences with other companies.”

Melissa Oswalt, Paralegal

The Pearson Law Firm

“You have clearly shown that every attorney should use you when negotiating with lien holders, as you are the professionals.”


Paul Beechen, Attorney

"MASSIVE’s biggest savings to our firm has been time – something that cannot be quantified and always seems to be in short supply. They do more than just save us time, they give us peace of mind.”

Hughes & Coleman Injury Lawyers

Hughes & Coleman

"The usefulness of MASSIVE Medical Cost Projections is simple. An element of damages in PI cases is the cost of future medical. In order to establish cost, we need to utilize someone with the appropriate background to develop it for us. That is where MASSIVE comes in. I take the itemized cost projection and am able to establish what the future medical costs is for settlement purposes instead of guesstimating.”

Jonathan Mincieli, Attorney

Meyers & Flowers

"You guys are nothing short of terrific, and I will continue to let all my friends know how good you are. I am a raving fan of MASSIVE.”

Greg Stokes, Partner

Stokes & Kopitsky, P.A.

“The Cost Projections helped us quantify the amount of the MSA and future Non-Medicare costs. We were very prepared to discuss the future value based on your report. When the carrier made their initial offer, we were able to go right back to them with a precise and focused counter, based on the numbers received from MASSIVE. Your evaluation was done in a timely manner and included what we needed. We will use your company again in the future and the cost of your product was reasonable.”

Michael Zachary, Attorney

De Cardenas, Freixas, Stein & Zachary

“MASSIVE is an extremely valuable resource for our firm. The service is phenomenal and it allows our employees to focus on the case, instead of spending excessive time on medical liens.”

Ronald Applebaum, Partner

Applebaum & Stone, PLC

“I just wanted to let you know how pleased I have been with your organization’s recent service in resolving medical liens on several of my files. Although I was reluctant to use this type of service at first, within a very short period of time, I became convinced that there is not a better, more efficient and cost-effective way to identify and resolve potential medical liens. Your staff has successfully reduced the asserted lien amounts in almost every case. The best part has been my not having to spend any time dealing with the liens which has allowed me to focus on my cases and achieving the best results for my clients. Thank you again for removing one of the true headaches in practicing this area of law. I look forward to working with you and MASSIVE for years to come.”

Randall Blau, Attorney

Buckfire Law Firm

“I have been very pleased with your services and assistance to date in handling the liens applicable to this plaintiff’s case, and I therefore will certainly utilize MASSIVE, in the future as I am doing more plaintiff’s work and I will also recommend you to other people as well.  I am the incoming Chairperson of the General Practice – Solo & Small Firm Section of the State Bar of Michigan, and practitioners frequently contact me regarding many issues and it is nice to be able to recommend services which I know are helpful to practitioners.”

Michael Gunderson, Attorney

Trowbridge Law Firm PC

“MASSIVE has provided a valuable service to the client while also allowing my staff and I to do what we do best, i.e., litigate. MASSIVE has saved countless frustrating hours for my staff by communicating directly with the lien holders to get results and get them quickly.  MASSIVE provides a priceless function at a price so reasonable that no client can complain!”

Andrew Saperstein, Attorney

LaKritz Law

“MASSIVE does a fantastic job of taking a major headache off your hands. They will communicate with Medicare, follow up with them, and negotiate their lien down when applicable. With their assistance, my clients have had liens reduced by over 90%. I would highly recommend using MASSIVE to handle your complicated Medicare liens.”

Alan Blatnikoff, Attorney

Mindell Law

“I would first like to say how happy we are with the services you and your team have provided.  MASSIVE was able to obtain more than a $20,000 reduction in our client’s lien, thereby doubling her net recovery.  We will certainly use your company’s services again.”

Christine Benedum, Attorney

Goldman Law Offices


“MASSIVE consistently delivers exceptional results for our firm.  What really sets MASSIVE apart, is the clear priority they place on customer service.  Their online portal makes it incredibly easy to get up-to-date lien information when we need it. And when questions arise, the MASSIVE team is always attentive and easily reachable. With MASSIVE we are able to settle our cases with confidence.”

J. Robert Bell, Attorney

Osborne & Francis


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