Fee Protection Guarantee and Fee Protector

MASSIVE is the nation’s leading independent provider of healthcare Lien Resolution and Future Medical Allocation Services, including Medicare Set-Asides. With our Fee Protection Guarantee® 1 backing every case, our customers can rest assured knowing MASSIVE has their back.

We know mistakes happen. We also know mistakes can often be costly. MASSIVE’s Fee Protection Guarantee eliminates any worry our customers have about not collecting their full attorney fee in the event of:

  • Incorrect disbursement of settlement funds
  • Communication of inaccurate dates
  • Procedural errors by MASSIVE

We guarantee that you will not need to reduce your attorney fee as a result of MASSIVE communicating inaccurate dates, settlement amounts, or disbursement amounts, and, other procedural errors by MASSIVE that result in your firm being unable to pay liens from the net settlement proceeds.


Meet MASSIVE’s Partner, Todd Franklin!

When Todd isn’t busy running MASSIVE’s successful lien resolution business, he moonlights as your Fee Protector®. It’s his duty to enforce the Fee Protection Guarantee and shield your firm from unnecessary fee reductions arising from subrogation errors.

With help from the Fee Protector, you no longer have to worry about repercussions arising from simple miscommunication, early disbursement, or missed opportunities again! MASSIVE is able to provide our customers with the confidence needed to handle their clients’ case without worrying about the intricate problems lien resolution poses.

Contact us to learn how MASSIVE’s Fee Protection Guarantee and the Fee Protector can help secure both you and your clients a better result.


The Fee Protection Guarantee is a registered trademark of MASSIVE: Medical and Subrogation Specialists.
1 The Fee Protection Guarantee is null and void if you, the firm, or a plaintiff-related party bypasses MASSIVE to communicate directly with any lien holder. The term, “inaccurate dates” does not include additional files opened by lien holders without MASSIVE’s knowledge, such as those opened through defense reporting. MASSIVE will assist you and/or the firm in guarding against such duplication as much as is practicable. MASSIVE is not responsible for incorrect information provided by you, the firm, and related entities, or clients. MASSIVE will provide payment deadlines to the firm via email, it is the firm’s responsibility to notify MASSIVE if it is not receiving such notices. The Fee Protection Guarantee does not apply to voluntary fee reductions by the firm, including, but not limited to, agreements between any of the firm, MASSIVE, and the lien holders to reduce a lien and fees concurrently. Note that all liens may increase throughout the resolution process. These increases are normal.
The Fee Protector is a registered trademark of MASSIVE: Medical and Subrogation Specialists.