Why Private Insurance isn’t a Replacement for MSAs

Medicare Set-Asides (MSAs) are not required by law. Rather, MSAs are designed to prevent Medicare from paying for case-related care after a settlement. But wait, doesn’t other insurance prevent Medicare...
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Connecticut Medicaid Lien Withdrawn Due to MASSIVE’s Persistence

MASSIVE’s determination helped a plaintiff with their Connecticut Medicaid lien. After reviewing the product liability mass tort case, our experts disputed the $47,429.95 lien and were ultimately successful in extinguishing...
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Medicare Set-Asides: How Do You Know Your MSA is Enough?

Medicare Set-Asides (“MSAs”) are not a legally required tool. But they have significant value in protecting funds that will pay for an injured-person’s post-settlement, future medical care. These funds are...
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Don’t Miss Ryan Weiner, Esq. Tomorrow July 14 at the 2022 WILG Northwest Regional Conference!

The 2022 WILG Northwest Regional Conference features MASSIVE's COO, Ryan Weiner, Esq. as one of the speakers. Ryan is presenting "What the Law Says About MSAs" on July 14 at...
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What the Law Says About MSAs

Medicare Set-Asides are never discussed in any United States’ statute.   Even the term “protect Medicare’s interest” isn’t in the Medicare Secondary Payer Act. That term comes from a 2005...
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Don’t Miss the 6th Annual Medicare Secondary Payer Conditional Payment Forum with Ryan Weiner, Esq.!

Last chance to register for the 6th Annual Medicare Secondary Payer Conditional Payment Forum featuring MASSIVE’s COO, Ryan Weiner, Esq.!   Ryan will be discussing conditional payments resolution in no-fault claims...
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Mallinckrodt Opioid Bankruptcy PI Claimant Trust – What’s Next?

MASSIVE is proud to be the exclusive lien resolution administrator for the Mallinckrodt Opioid Bankruptcy PI Claimant Trust. Our job will be to resolve hundreds of thousands of liens to...
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Plaintiff and Defense Cooperation in Medicare Liens

Most settlement agreements miss a vital series of terms that all defendants must report to the government. Those terms are used in Medicare’s Section 111 reporting. They include what date...
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Mallinckrodt Opioid Bankruptcy Trust: What Claimants Can Expect

MASSIVE has been selected as the exclusive lien resolution administrator for the Mallinckrodt Bankruptcy Trust’s PI Claimant Trust. If your law firm has claimants recovering from that trust, here’s what...
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2022 AAJ Annual Convention

The 2022 AAJ Annual Convention is July 16-19 at the Washington State Convention Center and Sheraton Seattle.   As the exclusive lien resolution administrator for the Mallinckrodt Opioid Bankruptcy Trust...
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MASSIVE: The Exclusive Lien Resolution Administrator for Mallinckrodt Opioid Bankruptcy Trust

MASSIVE has been selected by the Personal Injury Trustee and Claims Administrator to be the exclusive Lien Resolution Administrator for the Mallinckrodt Opioid Bankruptcy Trust mass tort litigation.   MASSIVE...
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What Does the Gallardo v. Marstiller Decision Mean for Medicaid Recovery?

The Supreme Court released its opinion in Gallardo v. Marstiller on June 6, 2022. Many commentators suggest the Supreme Court decision in Gallardo will change the way Medicaid recovery works...
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