Discovering a Trusted Partner

By Todd Franklin, Partner at MASSIVE


In my previous blog on Cultivating a Culture for Profitability, I discussed the importance of categorizing your tasks based on if they are profitable or not. I’ve received a lot of positive feedback from firms. They find that focusing on revenue-generating work leads to a more upbeat and efficient team!


Now that we’ve detailed the process by which tasks are categorized into profitable or unprofitable buckets, we can talk about the next step: Outsourcing your unprofitable work.


Outsourcing is the next logical step to take when you think about it. If you are willing to outsource burdensome and unprofitable work, your team has the time to focus on more productive work. But outsourcing to just anyone isn’t a good plan. Your partner should have years of proven transparent experience thorough an expert understanding of the industry and state-by-state laws. Take the time to align yourself with the right outsource partner who has the knowledge and subject matter expertise you require. They can provide a pinpointed plan based on your firm.


I take a deep dive on these topics and more on MASSIVE’s YouTube Channel. If you haven’t seen them, check it out! I offer some great tips and strategies to help your firm’s business.