Michigan’s No-Fault Law and Health Insurance Liens


Michigan’s new No-Fault PIP law creates a choice for all Michigan drivers. Any auto insurance policy effective after July 1, 2020 (new or renewed) allows drivers a choice of six coverage levels – each with a different lien resolution impact: $0 / Allowable Expenses Exclusion – This opt-out of PIP requires all household members to…

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Med Lien Supports the Michigan Association for Justice Annual Convention

Massive is a long time supporter of the Michigan Association for Justice, and we are excited to be exhibiting at the Annual Convention May 11-12, 2018! Massive is the country’s most accurate and reliable lien resolution company. We resolve liens with Medicare, Medicaid, Private Insurance, ERISA, Military and VA. We save firms time by removing the frustrating lien resolution process. Massive…

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