Lien Resolution Success

In depth review of plan language did not support the healthcare lien.

MASSIVE reduced a $1.3 million Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield lien to $10,000 after a California plaintiff was severely burned in a house fire.  In addition to burns, the plaintiff suffered permanent disfigurement, chronic asthma and respiratory complications along with emotional injuries.  While the plaintiff’s attorney negotiated a $5,000,000 settlement, there was a $1.3 million lien asserted by Anthem Blue Cross for his medical expenses.  MASSIVE’s expert lien resolution team performed an in-depth review and analysis of the plan language, discovering there was no plan language to support the lien. Anthem was undeterred and determined to collect on the lien. It shifted gears, attempting to recover under equitable principles. MASSIVE’s experts avoided litigation and further delays by offering a meager $10,000 to satisfy Anthem’s interest. The injured plaintiff received his settlement money immediately and avoided a $1.3 million dollar lien.  Let MASSIVE help you with all your lien resolution needs.