MASSIVE was Founded On the Principles of Value and Respect

We believe that the true measure of our success is in the delivery of services to attorneys and their clients, and, to aid attorneys in a way that respects their needs in a valuable way.

Our Lien Resolution and Cost Projection professionals specialize in Medicare, Medicaid, Private Insurance, ERISA and Military providers. Our Principals have experience in the private sector counseling clients in the interpretation of statutory rules and regulations, similar to those relied on by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid. We are active within the lien community, often participating and sponsoring organizations, CLE presentations and pursuing professional designations within it.

Todd Franklin

Todd is a Partner at MASSIVE and specializes in client communication. An expert in pinpointing and solving problems, Todd is an entrepreneur who has founded and built two successful companies in the personal injury industry. He most recently has helped pioneer our proprietary software system to help manage and efficiently resolve medical lien claims made against personal injury settlements.

Todd and his team provide resources to assist attorneys in removing liability and resolving complex medical lien issues in a transparent and expedient manner. As an expert in lien resolution, Todd excels in understanding the business end of subrogation difficulties trial lawyers face daily across the country. He continues to exceed expectations in helping law firms efficiently navigate the maze of lien resolution.

Using marketing, sales, technology, and a high level of customer service, Todd has produced measurable results using disciplined and documented systems. As Todd works to help thousands of clients to receive the advocacy they deserve, he is often sought after to speak at legal industry events across the United States.

Married and the father of two girls, Todd is an active member of his community. Todd enjoys spending time with his family, cooking, and being in the outdoors.

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Ryan Weiner, Esq.

Ryan is a Partner at MASSIVE and runs the Lien Resolution and Medicare Compliance Programs. Ryan leverages his expertise to plan mass tort projects and organize MASSIVE’s proprietary workflows to help law firms disburse to their clients faster.

Ryan began his career as a personal injury attorney for Weiner & Associates, LLC in Chicago, IL. While there, he developed a lien resolution company to assist attorneys in resolving complex medical lien issues quickly and efficiently. Ryan has become an expert in systems organization through building MASSIVE’s proprietary workflows and OCR systems. He combines this organizational skill with his lien resolution expertise to lead MASSIVE.

Ryan is often sought after to speak at legal industry events, presenting Medicare, Medicaid, and ERISA topics to various professional organizations, including Mass Torts Made Perfect, Workers Injury Law Group (WILG), Rise Health, various state Trial Lawyer Associations, and more. Ryan is currently a licensed attorney in Illinois and Washington D.C.

Ryan earned his B.A. in History at the University of Michigan and his J.D. at Chicago-Kent College of Law. Ryan worked as a photographer for the Michigan Daily newspaper during his time at the University of Michigan. In his free time, Ryan enjoys practicing yoga and cooking with his wife, playing with their bernadoodle, watching Michigan & Detroit sports, and traveling.

Randy Nordstrom

Randy Nordstrom is a Partner of MASSIVE and a legal communications and management specialist who consults with law firms throughout the country. He leverages years of experience working as a COO for multiple law firms to uncover gaps in infrastructure performance and productivity. Randy builds programs that offer specific solutions to help firms become more profitable. His primary focus is helping firms grow their practice by increasing their caseload. He applies his expertise to guide firms through the complicated landscape of media, marketing, and publicity related opportunities and helps identify each firm’s most profitable avenue of pursuit. Randy has lectured at various universities and appears frequently as a speaker at legal marketing seminars. Randy is considered an expert in single event and mass tort case acquisition and has been recognized with countless awards and certifications. He leads a talented team of strategists who tirelessly research and analyze accident, injury, and pharmaceutical data to create solutions specifically crafted to maximize a firm’s market share and profitability. Randy is an active member of both the Director’s Guild of America and the Writer’s Guild of America.

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Marcy Spitz, Esq.

Marcy Spitz is a Partner at MASSIVE and specializes in complex lien resolution of Medicare, Medicaid, and ERISA liens. She is an expert in ERISA lien resolution stemming from her experience at the U.S. Department of Labor, Pension and Welfare Benefits Administration, Office of Enforcement in Washington, D.C. Marcy concentrates her practice on more challenging ERISA liens that may entail negotiation, appeals, and formal hearings with administrative law judges. She is a member of the American Association of Justice, State Bar of Michigan, and Oakland County Bar Association.

Marcy earned a degree in political science and history at the University of Michigan and her law degree at Michigan State University.  She loves to play tennis, hike, and compete in triathlons when she is not spending time with her family.


MASSIVE's team of experts includes our specially trained Lien Resolution Managers, Analysts, Attorneys, and Nurses.

As advocates for your client, our specialists work diligently to manage each case with the goal of reducing liens as much as possible. Our established contacts speed up the process with subrogation firms, lien holders and health insurers. The team always has one goal in mind – to reduce liens quickly, which, in turn will facilitate settlements.

John Buford
Single Event Lead Attorney

Robert Zabawski
Mass Tort Lead Attorney

Lauren Feder
Lien Negotiation Specialist

Amy Grishaber
Implementation Manager

Ilayda Kartum
Senior Lien Resolution Manager

Peter Matz
Chief Financial Officer