Obscure Lien Holder Squashed by Equitable Doctrines

MASSIVE has partnered with Cordisco & Saile since 2014, to assist them with their lien resolution needs and allow for the highest amount to end up in their client’s pockets. Recently, our team successfully eliminated a lien by asserting that the private insurance plan did not have the right to recover based on Equitable Doctrines.

Our expert attorneys have dealt with various insurance companies clinging to plan language in an attempt to collect liens. Fortunately, MASSIVE attorneys are experienced with these types of blockades, and quickly launched their argument based on the Made Whole Rule. The Made Whole Rule precludes the insurer from recovering any third-party funds, unless and until the insured has been made whole for the loss (Progressive West Ins Co v Yolo County Superior Court, 37 Cal.Rptr.3d 434 (Cal. App. 2005).

The swift action of the MASSIVE Team assisted Cordisco & Saile in settling their case with additional thousands going into the plaintiff’s pocket. Showing their appreciation, the firm reacted by stating,


“Thanks so much! My client is THRILLED not to pay the private insurance company back! They were so rude to her on the phone and then they continued that attitude with me DEMANDING they had the right to be reimbursed. Thanks to you and everyone at MASSIVE for taking care of this!”


At MASSIVE, our top priority is to continually provide the highest quality lien resolution and medical cost projection services to our clients. Our work assisting firms to provide better net settlements to their clients, allows for more clients to happily send referrals into their offices.

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