State of the Art Technology Platform

MASSIVE is on the cutting edge of technology

Our proprietary software system, the MASSIVE Live Data Portal, offers attorneys both ease and simplicity. We know these are your files and ultimately you need both information and results, so we’ve designed our processes with you in mind. Our technology platform allows more efficient and more effective lien resolution while providing you with access any time of any day.

Our greatest technological asset is our Optical Character Recognition software built by engineers. This software is the same software leveraged by Fortune 500 companies around the U.S. We can tailor it to your needs - whether it is our usual lien review process or a special, customized document search - we can build it. Tell us about your technology needs today.

  • MASSIVE's Live Data Portal makes it simple to submit your client files directly via our secure online portal, with your own unique username and password. You can upload everything to our secure site – health insurance cards, conditional payment letters, injury information and more.
  • Real-time, on demand access to your client files. Log on anytime, 24/7 to get an update on where a particular claim stands. Your Lien Resolution Manager will also be available to assist you and will provide you updates throughout the lien resolution process.
  • Our reduction services include both MASSIVE Attorney review and a computerized review through our proprietary Optical Character Recognition software. Because of this dual review: if the lien can be reduced, it absolutelywill be.
  • Should you need assistance for file submission, we’ll even send one of our team members to your office at no charge to help acclimate your firm. We can assist with entering your clients’ files to get you up and running. You may also submit claims via fax, email, or phone.