State of the Art Technology Platform

MASSIVE is on the Cutting Edge of Technology

At MASSIVE: Medical and Subrogation Specialists, we embrace technology and used it to provide the best services for our clients. We utilize our proprietary software to provide an easy way for our clients to upload their cases at any time of any day, while using Optical Character Recognition software to review all liens we receive to ensure maximum reductions.

Our proprietary software system, the MASSIVE Live Data Portal, offers attorneys both ease and simplicity. We know these are your files, and ultimately you need both information and results, so we’ve designed our processes with you in mind. Our technology platform allows more efficient and more effective lien resolution, while providing you with access any time of any day.

The MASSIVE Live Data Portal is an easy case upload tool for Lien Resolution, Medical Cost Projections and Medicare Set-Asides and provides real time updates. Our transparent Live Data Portal allows you to notate any case specific information or changes that may arise in your cases. The Portal is equipped with all of the documents needed to allow our experts to work on behalf of your clients to resolve potential liens with Medicare, Medicaid, ERISA, Private Insurance and Military lien holders. Online submission of documents for Medical Cost Projection and Medicare Set-Aside services is fast and easy.

Our other great technological asset is our Optical Character Recognition software built by engineers. This software is the same software leveraged by Fortune 500 companies around the United States. We can tailor it to your needs - whether it is our usual lien review process or a special, customized document search - we can help. Tell us about your needs today, and we can show you how our technology will benefit you and your clients!

MASSIVE Technology Can Be of Assistance to You By:

  • MASSIVE's secure Live Data Portal makes it simple to submit your client files directly to us, with your own unique username and password. You can upload everything to our secure site – authorizations, health insurance cards, conditional payment letters, injury information and more.
  • Real-time, on demand access to your client files. 24/7 login availability, so you can get an update on where a particular claim in your case stands. Our Live Data Portal combined with your personal Lien Resolution Manager will be available to assist you and will provide you updates throughout the lien resolution process so that you always stay in the know.
  • Our proprietary Optical Character Recognition software provides a line-by-line computerized review of all claims, in addition to your MASSIVE Attorney’s review of claims. This dual review of potential liens ensures that if a lien amount can be reduced or eliminated, it absolutely will be!
  • You can rest assured that your clients are getting the best protection with our Lien Resolution and Medical Cost Project services. Our technology was designed and established with you and your clients in mind in order to provide a secure and easy-to-use system that safeguards your clients’ settlements.

Establish MASSIVE Technology in Your Office:

MASSIVE offers free webinars to train your staff on the case submission process through our Live Data Portal. Whether your cases are for our Lien Resolution or Medical Cost Projection services, the submission of cases can be established in your office seamlessly. Our Live Data Portal ensures that all pertinent information surrounding your cases flows smoothly between your experts and ours on secure platforms. Sign up for a webinar today, and see how easy our Live Data Portal is to use in your office.

Prefer in-house assistance to establish your file submission process? We will send on our Customer Training Specialist to your office, free of charge, in order to acclimate your firm. We will demonstrate the correct way to enter your cases and get you up and running. Our Customer Training Specialist will go through all of the methods to submit cases to us via the Live Data Portal, fax or email and make sure that all of your questions are answered. Contact us here to schedule a visit to your firm.