Your Mass Tort Case Settled. What’s Next?

Mass Tort cases are complex. In fact, the post-settlement process for certain Mass Torts can take two or three years even without an appeal. What must happen in that time period?


First, more individuals might join the pool of claimants. Then, each claimant (or, more likely, their attorney) must prove up the claim and show the claimant qualifies for this settlement. The process continues for many, many months until an injury calculation and dollar allocation can be made for each person. Then comes what we normally think of as “post-settlement”.


 Settlement dollars usually must be transferred into the Qualified Settlement Fund, or QSF. Next, we think about Lien Resolution (which you should have started pre-settlement). Then there may be probate or bankruptcy issues. Finally, the QSF can distribute funds.


As the exclusive lien resolution administrator for several large-scale litigations, we offer the expertise needed to bring your cases to successful resolution. Our latest project is resolving tens of thousands of liens in the Mallinckrodt Opioid Bankruptcy mass tort litigation. Our experts are hard at work to protect these claimant recoveries and future benefits. Check out the latest update in this process from our blog.


You can learn more about how to utilize time-saving tools by meeting up with our experts at the Mass Torts Made Perfect Spring Seminar, April 11-13. Contact us to schedule a meeting during the event to discover how our mass tort strategies are designed to streamline your process.