Play by the Rules with Medicare Liens

The US Department of Justice is suing law firms who do not pay their clients’ Medicare liens.


Medicare is diligently monitoring firms to make sure their liens are reimbursed fully and timely. There are many examples of Medicare notifying the US Department of Justice when their liens have been ignored. The results are the DOJ announcing settlements with these firms. The settlement amounts have ranged from $6,600 to $250,000


The consequences go beyond monetary settlements. The DOJ has also instituted multiple compliance programs to ensure each law firm sets up procedures and timely repayments. These include selecting and training an internal person to be responsible for resolving the liens, reviewing current debts to make sure they will be repaid, and providing written documentation of payment and compliance.


Do yourself a favor and play by the rules. Make sure your firm obtains Final Demands from the BCRC and pays your client’s Medicare liens. The DOJ is proving it is watching and penalizing firms that don’t fulfill their responsibility to reimburse Medicare.


MASSIVE understands the burden that Medicare lien resolution can place on firms. Our lien resolution experts can review your cases and manage the entire Medicare Lien Resolution Process on your behalf. Contact us to learn more.