Marcy Spitz, Esq., Partner at MASSIVE, Featured on ICLE Video: Handle Medicare and Medicaid Liens

With the option for limited personal protection insurance (PIP) benefits now available to Michigan residents, resolving Medicaid and Medicare liens is more important than ever. View the “Handle Medicare and Medicaid Liens” seminar, hosted by the Institute of Continuing Legal Education (ICLE) to hear what MASSIVE’s Partner, Marcy Spitz, Esq. and Jeffrey Bussell of Michigan Auto Law have to say about Medicare and Medicaid lien resolution.


Key content includes: 

  • Understand how to best approach and organize a case with a Medicaid or Medicare lien 
  • Hear practical tips on how to efficiently dispute unrelated charges 
  • Know what terms and language to include in a settlement agreement to protect your client


Viewers must be a subscriber to ICLE or you can purchase the video from the ICLE website.