Mass Tort Liens WAIVED with Maine Medicaid

In 2020, Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals agreed to settle for $1.6 billion for their role in the opioid epidemic. The Personal Injury Trustee and Claims Administrator selected MASSIVE: Medical and Subrogation Specialists to be the exclusive Lien Resolution Administrator for the Mallinckrodt Opioid Bankruptcy Trust. MASSIVE is resolving health insurance liens for tens of thousands of injured plaintiffs.


A big victory was secured for Maine Medicaid claimants in the Mallinckrodt litigation. MASSIVE’s Mass Tort team met with Maine Medicaid to discuss the scope of the project and proposed terms. MASSIVE convinced Maine Medicaid the workload would not match its recovery. Maine Medicaid agreed to waive its rights to recovery.


“Mallinckrodt Opioids is a huge case and it’s imperative to keep our clients at the forefront of the conversations with lien holders” said Megan Stewart, Mass Tort Lien Resolution Liaison at MASSIVE. “Our long-standing relationships with lien holders allow us to ensure that all rights are protected, and claimants can get the most out of their settlements. Meeting with Maine Medicaid early allowed us to lay out the parameters of the project and obtain a full waiver for claimants, without compromising their Medicaid coverage in the future.” 

“For a high-volume project like Mallinckrodt, it’s important to ensure that processes are in place before the work begins to ensure the project runs smoothly” said Robert Zabawski, MASSIVE’s Mass Tort Lead Attorney. “Through conversations with the state of Maine, we secured a full waiver of all potential Mallinckrodt liens, eliminating a portion of the leg work before we even started, saving valuable time and money for the claimants.”


This is a success for the almost 200 clients from Maine that are now able to walk away with a bigger portion of their settlement. MASSIVE has also secured Medicaid waivers for certain plaintiffs in Pennsylvania, Kentucky, Oregon, Colorado, New Hampshire, Nebraska, South Dakota, and Iowa.


MASSIVE is proud to bring some justice to those who suffered through the opioid epidemic. More information about the Mallinckrodt lien resolution process can be found on our website.


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