An Introduction to Mass Tort Lien Resolution

mass tortMass Tort Lien Resolution is unique in certain respects and virtually identical to single event lien resolution in others. Understanding the dual nature of Mass Tort Lien Resolution is the key to resolving mass tort liens quickly and effectively.

Perhaps the defining characteristic of Mass Tort Lien Resolution is the option to exchange information with lien holders in bulk.  Some major subrogation firms offer Lien Resolution Programs (LRP) and Medicare offers global resolution programs.  These programs allow information to be exchanged en masse and typically include pre-negotiated discounts and caps, thereby avoiding lien by lien negotiation and allowing liens to be finalized much quicker.  Taking advantage of these programs can be hugely advantageous, but program terms take time to negotiate and compiling lien information can sometimes take subrogation firms a few months to complete.

Alternately, at times mass tort lien resolution will operate similarly to that of a single event case. There will always be private insurance companies and entities such as Tricare and the V.A. which do not participate in LRPs.  Timeframes for resolution of these types of claims vary extensively.

Beginning the process early ensures timely and accurate results. Every mass tort lien resolution project begins with a massive push of information to potential lien holders.  It is critically important to have complete client and injury information at the outset, including properly executed healthcare releases and authorizations.   The lack of a properly executed, HIPAA compliant authorization is probably the most common long term delay. One way to avoid this pitfall entirely is by petitioning the court for a Qualified Protective Order (QPO). These orders eliminate the need for an individual, signed, HIPAA authorizations on behalf of each client.

Many firms don’t plan for lien resolution as early as they could. If you are anticipating an upcoming settlement, have settled cases which you’d like to disburse, or simply have questions about Mass Tort Lien Resolution such as when or how to begin, please contact us at 833-GO-MASSIVE and discover how MASSIVE can deliver exceptional results for you. 

Better Mass Tort Lien Resolution Matters.