Medicare’s Agents: CMS, BCRC, and CRC

For Medicare Liens, the agency is represented by one branch of the government and two contractors. Those actors are:

  1. CMS – the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. CMS is the government agency involved in Medicare Liens and works beneath Health and Human Services of the Executive Branch;
  2. BCRC – the Benefit Coordination & Recovery Center. The BCRC handles recoveries from those receiving funds (plaintiffs). That receipt of funds includes voluntary payments from carriers, settlements, judgments, and more.
  3. CRC – the Commercial Repayment Center. The CRC handles recoveries from those with “Ongoing Responsibility for Medicals,” or ORM. In turn, ORM means any continuing payments like PIP, Med-Pay, etc. that are not being paid directly to a plaintiff. Medicare learns about such responsibility from its Mandatory Insurer Reporting process.


The timing of when each file can be opened creates a wrinkle in this process. The BCRC has difficulty opening No-Fault files where the CRC already has one open (usually the BCRC file opens and immediately closes through an automated process). We’ve found that the best solution is to monitor the CRC file until a No-Fault settlement, then, notify BCRC. The settlement information will prevent this automated closing process.


Which file do you need right now? Here’s a few options:


Defense Payment Type  Medicare File Type  Who is Responsible? 
PIP/Med-Pay (Voluntary Pay)  CRC – No-Fault  Carrier 
PIP/Med-Pay (via Settlement/Judgment)  BCRC – No-Fault  Plaintiff 
Work Comp (Voluntary Pay)  CRC – Work Comp  Carrier 
Work Comp (via Settlement/Judgment)  BCRC – Work Comp  Plaintiff 
Liability or Bodily Injury (via Settlement/Judgment)  BCRC – Liability  Plaintiff 
Underinsured Motorist Coverage (via Settlement/Judgment)  BCRC – Liability  Plaintiff 
Uninsured Motorist Coverage (via Settlement/Judgment)  BCRC – Liability  Plaintiff 
Additional Defendant in Liability (via Settlement/Judgment)  BCRC – Liability  Plaintiff 


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