MASSIVE’s Dedication Results in Reduction of ERISA Lien

A 55-year-old California plaintiff was involved in a motor vehicle accident, which resulted in back injuries. The self-funded ERISA plan refused to reduce the lien due to the strong plan language and the fact that there was plenty of money in the settlement to pay the lien.


MASSIVE’s experts aggressively negotiated with the lienholder and ultimately were able to reduce the lien by over 25%. The firm was pleased with the result and the client was happy for the additional $6,000 of his funds back.


“The lienholder initially refused to budge” said Marcy Spitz, Co-Founder and Partner at MASSIVE. “However, we stayed the course and were able to negotiate a 25% reduction to this self-funded ERISA plan. The client was really pleased to end up with $6,600 more of his settlement dollars. MASSIVE ‘leaves no stone unturned’ at reducing liens!”


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