Private Liens Significantly Reduced for Michigan Plaintiff

MASSIVE reduced two large private insurance liens totaling $519,785 down to $15,000 for a Michigan plaintiff. This was a medical malpractice case that resulted in a 44-year-old man having all his limbs amputated due to the negligence of his treating doctors.


MASSIVE worked aggressively to get the claims reduced significantly due to the injuries sustained by the plaintiff. In the end, the lienholders agreed to finalize their liens for a small percentage recovery.


“MASSIVE was presented with an impossible challenge on a medical malpractice case with over $500,000 in outstanding medical liens and a plaintiff that had to have all of his limbs amputated” said John Buford, Single Event Lead Attorney at MASSIVE. “The teamwork demonstrated on this file allowed MASSIVE to reduce the liens by 98%. The negotiations were difficult but our persistence in achieving the best outcome for the plaintiff allowed us to arrive at this amazing result.”


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