MASSIVE Success in 50% Reduction of Hospital Lien

MASSIVE’s experts reduced a $132,785.65 hospital lien down to $70,000!


The plaintiff in this case was shot multiple times, leading to significant injuries and surgery. Because he did not have insurance at the time of the shooting, the Parkland Hospital System provided care to him for his injuries totaling over $132,000. It filed a hospital lien pursuant to Texas law.


MASSIVE worked tirelessly to reduce this hospital lien to enable the plaintiff to retain an additional $62,000 of his settlement. The process for lien resolution with Parkland requires detailed presentations to a board of hospital officials. Ultimately, the Board approved a final hospital lien of $70,000.00.


“I appreciate all your help. I will definitely use you in the future on any matters that need lien resolution. Your work was outstanding and just ever so appreciated!” Jamie Baciak, Paralegal, Steckler Wayne Cherry & Love, PLLC.


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