MASSIVE Reduces Medicare Lien by over 93%

A Texas woman developed pressure sores due to nursing home negligence. The plaintiff also had previous health ailments that were unrelated to the negligence. During her time in the hospital, she built up a total of $297,357.16 in Medicare liens.


After reviewing the case, Christina Sanalitro, Senior Lien Negotiator at MASSIVE, was able to establish that the hospital stay was mostly for other health ailments. Initially, this was difficult to argue, but she was ultimately successful in negotiating the case based on the legal arguments and the billing records that supported our dispute. The final lien amount was reduced to $21,308 – a 93% reduction!


“Dealing with Medicare is complicated especially when it comes to nursing home negligence cases due to the pre-existing conditions,” said Christina. “Establishing the correlation of the pre-existing treatment along with the billing records to reflect the amount of the charges related to the specific diagnosis codes can be difficult. Our experience and knowledge of the Medicare processes provided a most favorable result which far exceeded the law firm’s expectation. It also allowed the Estate in the case to obtain a larger recovery which is always our goal as we work these cases.”


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