MASSIVE Reduces Medicaid Lien by over $400,000

MASSIVE was determined to significantly reduce a Connecticut Medicaid lien for a brain injury as a result of medical malpractice.


Connecticut’s Medicaid Statute is clear that it is not required to reduce for fees and costs. The lienholder saw the settlement amount as sufficient to pay back the lien in full. Our attorneys saw this as unacceptable due to the fact the plaintiff is now in a nursing home and needs around-the-clock care.


MASSIVE’s argument combined case law, a discussion of damages, and future life capacity to convince the lienholder to reduce the $829,279 lien down to $400,000 – something the plaintiff needs based on the circumstances of her injuries.


“Our team did an amazing job on helping the Koskoff, Koskoff & Bieder law firm working to resolve the Connecticut Medicaid lien in an efficient and timely matter”, said Christina Sanalitro, Senior Lien Negotiator. “By presenting the proper case law and catastrophic injuries as a result of this med mal case we were able to receive a significant reduction to benefit the client for all her needs in the future.”


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