Lien Resolution Manager

Reports to:  Operations Manager

Position Responsibilities

A Lien Resolution Manager (LRM) acts as the main point of contact between MASSIVE: Medical and Subrogation Specialists (MASSIVE) and our customer-law firms. LRMs work in a team with a MASSIVE Attorney and one or more Intake Administrators (IAs) and/or Lien Resolution Analysts (LRAs). They may also assist in obtaining claim/lien information from insurance company or subrogation firms.

Duties and responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

Customer Management & Contact

  • Serve customer needs such as providing case/claim updates as needed and in addition to those automatic updates available through MASSIVE’s proprietary software, the Claim Tracking System (CTS);
  • Move each claim forward to more efficiently and effectively serve customer needs through lien resolution;
  • Ensure the customer easily understands and is able to work within MASSIVE systems for both case update reviews and new file submissions;
  • Improve workflow procedures through detection of customers’ patterns and requests;

Workflow & File Management

  • Maintain workflows by studying MASSIVE methods and, when appropriate, discussing improvements to those workflows with team members and the MASSIVE Attorney leading their team;
  • Maintain CTS, including client information updates and workflow management while efficiently moving the lien resolution process forward;
  • Ensure smooth operations and workflow procedures through data discovery and detection of subrogation firms’ patterns during normal day-to-day work;
  • Contribute to the team effort by accomplishing team-related results;
  • Manage an MASSIVE team or pod including at least one LRA and one MASSIVE Attorney to maintain efficient practices.

Subrogation Contact

  • Contact subrogation firms, lien holders, and health insurers to ensure MASSIVE receives requested information from those organizations;
  • Utilize telephone, email, fax, and regular mail to complete any necessary contact and follow-up;
  • Develop relationships with representatives of those subrogation firms and related companies to improve and expedite the contact process;
  • Discuss opportunities for change and other inter-company communication improvements with subrogation firms.

Lien Resolution & Subrogation

  • Understand (after training provided by MASSIVE) various legal rules outlining the existence of “liens,” rights to reimbursement, and subrogation;
  • Work with subrogation firm’s managers to improve inter-company communications and accelerate the lien resolution process on a large-scale basis;


No previous experience is required. An LRM must have a comfortable working knowledge of the Microsoft Office suite of applications as well as the ability to utilize web-based systems as the MASSIVE Claim Tracking System is web-based. Strong customer service skills are a necessity. Either an undergraduate degree or some office experience is required.

Teamwork is important to the success of MASSIVE, so strong interpersonal skills are a must.  An LRM must be self-motivated and willing to work with the ebb and flow of an ever-changing task list while managing the task list of team members. Outgoing and friendly personalities are more likely to succeed in this role when considering the high volume of customer contact - including that on the telephone and via email.

An LRM will be expected to understand MASSIVE workflows and the reason for each task. He or she will need to assist LRAs in their adaptation to various subrogation firms’ roadblocks and even internal changes as the process of lien resolution is always evolving.  They must have or develop within 90 days of employment, a solid understanding of the workflows we implement. Finally, an LRM must understand the reasons for certain actions we take, including putting the customer first and acknowledging the customers’ perception of what we do is nearly as important as the actual successes.


No travel is expected for this position.

About MASSIVE: Medical and Subrogation Specialists

MASSIVE: Medical and Subrogation Specialists assists attorneys in resolving complex medical lien issues in an efficient and expedient manner.  The services provided by MASSIVE are designed to bridge the gap between settlement and disbursement in those personal injury actions where medical liens and subrogation require an extraordinary amount of time to resolve.  A tremendous amount of lien resolution work is typically required throughout a case and after settlement.  It is vital to monitor, track, and categorize payments made by Medicare, Medicaid, ERISA, and Private Health Insurance (MME). There are a multitude of additional steps involved before a lien becomes payable – MASSIVE organizes and completes those steps on behalf of law firms around the country using the most technologically advanced systems in the industry.

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