California Plaintiff’s Medicare Lien Completely Resolved by MASSIVE

A California man filed a Workers’ Compensation claim for his asbestos-related lung cancer. Medicare issued a $17,089.13 lien after the plaintiff had surgery to remove the cancer.


MASSIVE discovered the $17,089.13 Medicare Lien was for oxygen and oxygen-related equipment that the plaintiff didn’t need or use and we found it wasn’t related to his Workers’ Compensation claim. With this information, MASSIVE appealed and ultimately won – reducing the lien to $0.00. The plaintiff and family were thankful that the entire lien was resolved.


“I can’t thank you enough for the peace of mind your team provided to my parents during this stressful time. Your expertise in Medicare lien matters was apparent at each stage of their progression through the system. The result could not have been better. We are very grateful to you.” Deborah Nash, Attorney, Nash Law Firm.


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