What Kind of Cases Benefit from a Future Medical Allocation?

Do you have questions about what kind of cases benefit from projecting out future medical costs?


Let’s take a look at a few scenarios: 

  • Any case that has any future care with some treatment and Rx. If you feel like you can increase your case by $5k, you can utilize our allocation. This includes Worker’s Compensation cases as well as Liability cases 
  • Medicare eligible clients 
  • Undervalued cases trying to realize policy limits 
  • Injuries – future surgical recommendations, active Rx, past surgeries, herniations, fractures, etc. typically have future care 


Future Medical Allocations can improve your case by: 

  • Gaining Leverage: Our reports give you the upper hand to drive toward a larger settlement 
  • Additional Strategy Opportunities: The itemized spreadsheet containing treatments and prescriptions forces defense to be specific about objections, making it easier to negotiate and resolve 
  • Protection: By expertly advising the client about MSAs and setting aside money, you ensure their future care is covered and they don’t lose benefits 
  • Experts: Our nurses are experts on Future Medical Allocations and can be available for depositions or trial – You can speak with them directly about case details


Determining future medical care in settlements is becoming more diverse every day. Contact us to schedule a free consultation.