Massive New Partner of the Workers Injury Law & Advocacy Group

As the new exclusive partner of the Workers Injury Law & Advocacy Group (WILG), Massive is excited to be a part of the Annual Conference September 26-28, 2016 in AZ!

Massive offers Workers Comp attorneys the expertise and efficiency needed when determining Medicare Set-Aside Opinion Letters, Medical Cost Projections, MSA’s, Life Care Planning and more!

Massive also offers Personal Injury attorneys the most accurate and reliable lien resolution services in the country. We quickly resolve and reduce healthcare liens with Medicare, Medicaid, Private Insurance, ERISA, Military and VA. Our expertise ensures injured plaintiffs net the highest recovery.

If you have questions regarding settlement services or lien resolution, contact us today at 844-633-5436 and our medical team and attorneys will provide the detailed analysis you need in a timely manner. Discover how Massive will deliver outstanding results to you, your firm and your clients!