CMS Reduces Annual Recovery Thresholds

CMS has reduced its reporting and recovery thresholds to $750 for all cases (except exposure-based settlements). This means:

  • Plaintiffs need not report settlements less than $750;
  • CMS will not attempt collection for Medicare liens less than $750; and,
  • Defendants and Insurers need not report settlements less than $750 through mandatory insurer reporting.

CMS’s rule applies only to physical trauma-based settlements, workers’ compensation settlements, and no-fault insurer settlements. Exposure settlements of any amount (for example, Asbestos settlements) still must be reported to Medicare.

This rule is a $250 change from 2015-2016 where the threshold was $1,000. For CMS’s full alert please click here: cms-computation-of-annual-recovery-thresholds-for-nghp-2017

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Ryan Weiner

Chief Operating Officer

[email protected]


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