Our Medicare Relationships Added Thousands to a Client’s Settlement

Shelsby & Leoni has trusted MASSIVE with their medical malpractice cases since 2014. Recently, MASSIVE discovered a deceased plaintiff had two files open with Medicare.


This is a common mistake, but a complicated one because it stems from plaintiff and defense disagreeing on the injury date.


MASSIVE utilized our close relationships with Medicare supervisors to help Shelsby & Leoni with this sticky situation. We closed the incorrect file, and then used a pre-existing condition argument to defeat the true lien entirely. Savings to the plaintiff: $85,244!


MASSIVE’s process and technology guarantees that liens are resolved quickly and correctly.  As a result, our clients gain countless hours to accept more clients and grow their businesses, while removing the tedious, frustrating hassle of lien resolution.


To start seeing the benefits of MASSIVE handling your lien resolution, login to our Live Data Portal and upload your cases today, or contact us for more information and pricing here.

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