MASSIVE’s Medicare Expertise Pays Off

Macomb Law Group has trusted MASSIVE with their tough personal injury cases for some time now. Their firm fights for their client’s right to the compensation that they deserve. While Macomb Law Group fights for their client’s in court, the MASSIVE Team makes sure their clients receive as much of their settlement as possible.


Recently, MASSIVE untangled a complicated Medicare lien that a Macomb Law Group client was facing. Medicare had opened two separate files with conflicting injury dates. Unfortunately, this is a common occurrence when it comes to multiple parties reporting incidents. Once multiple files are opened with Medicare, it becomes tricky to get sorted out.


After years of extensively working with Medicare, our relationships with their agents are exceptionally helpful in navigating Medicare’s BCRC agent rules. Using these relationships, MASSIVE was able to get the two liens consolidated into one file, and start the process of reducing the lien on an even playing field.


Our attorneys got to work sifting through claims and then successfully appealed over $80,000 to significantly reduce the lien. Combining our longstanding relationship with Medicare’s agents, and our extensive knowledge of the ever-changing internal rules, MASSIVE increased the injured plaintiff’s take-home by more than $80,000. Our lien resolution expertise assisted the Macomb Law Group in providing the best possible results to their clients.


In thanking MASSIVE, Macomb Law Group put it simply, “That’s an awesome result!”


We alleviate the stress associated with lien resolution, while ensuring that you get the best possible outcome for your clients. Let MASSIVE use its years of expertise to get your clients what they deserve.


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