MASSIVE Completely Resolves South Carolina Plaintiff’s Medicare Lien

Careful research and attention to detail played a key role in MASSIVE’s experts resolving a $72,893 Medicare lien to zero.  


A South Carolina woman received a delay in diagnosis of a myocardial infarction, which resulted in muscle loss and subsequent surgeries. The plaintiff had a history of hypertension and had previous carotid endarterectomy due to her pre-existing carotid artery disease.  


MASSIVE established with Medicare that the treatment on their lien was necessary for the care of her pre-existing heart condition by supplying the medical documentation that showed the treatment would have occurred regardless of the delay in care. 


“Delay in diagnosis cases are complicated when attempting to establish correlation of pre-existing conditions to timing of care,” said Christina Sanalitro, Senior Lien Negotiator at MASSIVE.  “When the proper medical documentation is supplied to support and presented in the correct way, it produces successful results. Our knowledge and experience dealing with Medicare combined with our perseverance to establish our position allowed us to secure a complete waiver of the lien from Medicare for the law firm and family.” 


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