$229k Private Lien Completely Waived for Mass Tort Claimant

A Florida client developed lung cancer from asbestos and totaled a private healthcare lien of $229,037.41.


Andre DePalma, Lien Negotiation Specialist, and Chelsea Wales, Lien Resolution Manager at MASSIVE reviewed the case and saw that the copays and deductible alone were already half of the net settlement. This lien holder is notoriously stubborn in negotiations, but that didn’t stop our team. After discussing the facts of the case with the lien holder, our experts were successful in obtaining a full waiver of the lien.


“There was no arguing that the treatment on the near quarter million-dollar lien wasn’t related to the asbestos liability,” said DePalma. “However, my motto is always ‘let’s try’. Our team went ahead and presented facts of the case to the lien holder and discussed the hardships of the plaintiff. Ultimately, the lien holder agreed to our negotiation and waived the entire lien. Lung cancer is terrifying enough, so we are pleased at the results of this case and that the client was able to take home her full net settlement!”


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